At the dawn of 2022, my family and I had spent a wonderful Christmas in our new home, albeit recovering from COVID  . Rest and recover was the order of the day … and isolation. Despite the discomfort and worry in the long run the ‘respite’ and time together was beneficial to us. We were worn out from moving house, home improvement chores and work. A few days ago, I read the letter I addressed to myself for Jan 1 2022. Tears came to my eyes. I (we) had achieved so much in 2021! How did I not notice in the moment?! Like the work I chose as my word for the 2021, we made ‘moves’. If you are new to my blog or revisiting, let me share my recap of the year gone.


My Word Of The Year

I took part in A Life More Inspired’s mini workshop on ‘Write you 2021 story’ and as part of that I choose my word ‘move’ . Although it was not in our thoughts at the time the word came to me. Somehow, by February our semi-detached 2 bed home was sold and we were house hunting. The experience was stressful and traumatic at points but in the end we completed and move to our current home a 3 bed semi-detached in June.

Other ways I made moves, in 2021;

  • Changed our kids’ school to be closer to new home
  • Kept up with my daily walks to work
  • Stepped out of my comfort zone by learning new skills

Content Creator Achievements

Choosing my word gave me focus and opened my mind to possibilities. As a content creator and Nano influencer, I worked with brands from my wish list. Opportunities and features came to light due to my commitment to sharing more about my menopause experience and aging. My story lead to me take part in a campaign with Good Housekeeping UK in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris, as well as, Boot Health and Beauty Magazine for Tena.

As a couple, hubby and I made our debut on radio and tele. We contributed to the Magic Radio series ‘Our Love’ which focused on interracial relationships. Then we took part in BBC’s Point of View series, even the kids made an appearance on their own segment.

On my social media channels ran adverts for NissianTempur UK, Afrocenchix and Puriskin. It was a pleasure to work on content that had personal relevance. I even presented to students on the Tourism and Hospitality course at Surrey Hills University, for the Leadership course. During the session I shared by blogging/entrepreneurial journey. It was amazing experience.

I’ve also created an Instagram account, Xpat_At_Home,  for our home improvement journey and inspirations, as well as a TikTok account. These new accounts are being built up slowly.


Plans for 2022

Like most people, Covid has taught me to embrace life, take nothing for granted. So this year my word is ‘EASE’. When I think of ‘ease’, for me it encompasses:

  • Peace of mind body and spirt
  • Balance
  • Gentleness
  • Assurance
  • Freedom
  • Mindful

In order to have all of the above, I’m getting better at planning and prioritising. Stay with me on this journey see how far you and I can go.

Do you have a special word for 2022? Are you into resolutions? What are your resolutions or goals for 2022? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.


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