I’m loving the inter-seasonal weather at the moment. Right about this time the kids and I get excited about our birthdays and Christmas. We are all winter babies! So is hubby but his birthday is in January.  He is fussy when it comes to gifts. It’s hard to shop for him. He usually gives me clue what he wants. While the kids absorb YouTube reviews and tele adverts to make up their list for Santa. Despite their heavy hinting, over the summer I attended a few Christmas themed events for gifting ideas. These are my picks for Christmas 2019 gifting and I kept it to under £70.

For Him Christmas 2019


I don’t know about you but as I mentioned before the man in my life, hubby, is hard to buy for. I tend to go for practical good quality gifts. These are my picks, there’s the fun Monster Foot Slipper at Next  (RRP £22) and River Island  has sexy comfy mules at River Island (RRP £18). For the outdoor sport luxe look River Island’s trendy Money Clothing  camo joggers (RRP £60) is just the ticket.

Recently, I heard about the brand tentree. They are a sustainable vegan clothing range on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Just think each purchase goes toward that mission. Check out their hoodies, stylish but functional. There’s the m juniper hoodie (RRP £62.99).

For the Game on Thrones fan in your life, if he likes a tipple on a cold day Amazon stocks the sensational whiskeys that were by Johnny Walker Whiskey in collaboration with Game of Thrones. Choose your house, or alternatively there’s the Song of Ice which is meant to be frozen before serving. You got even theme it with the Song of Fire, as a pair they RRP £68.

For Her Chrismas 2019


I enjoy treating myself, but I guess you know that if you have been following me. Some months ago I attended Figleaves’ Christmas press day. They believe in self-gifting naturally that concept spoke to my sensibility. Lingerie need not be given by a partner for their pleasure; get some for yourself to feel good. They idea can apply for any item whether it’s Christmas or not. My picks for yourself or the lady in your life includes practical treats and sexy delights.


I love a good cosy hoodie! tentree do ladies clothing as well. How about their w positive impact hoodie (RRP £62.99)? Who doesn’t like a positive slogan?! While we are on slogans, Yes Studio do a bright cheerful water bottler. The Happy Hour Drinks Bottle (500ml £16.00) is double-walled stainless steel vessel with screw lid and keeps water cool.

Thinking fashionable accessories? River Island’s Red studded tote bag (RRP £55.00) is a beauty. The studs and snake print accents gives and edgy vibe. Red never goes out of season.


Now for the sexy stuff!  Lingerie can be tricky for curvy girls. I’ve found the best option is to choose pieces that give support where I need it and hide/reveals the parts I want. These pieces from Figleaves are a delight for senses the Gigi Galloon Lace Cami & Short Set (RRP £40.00) and the Eliza Lace Side Teddy (RRP £35)


New reads are coming out daily it can be hard to choose. You really need to know her taste. I like suspense thriller Dorothy Koomson (Tell Me Your Secret),  fantasy Cecelia Ahern (Postscript) and historical fiction Kate Mosse (The Burning Chambers). They all have other titles. You are bound to find one that fits. They are available on Amazon.


For The Kids Christmas 2019


They Christmas is about the children. Isn’t it amazing to how their little faces light up when they see what Santa brought them?!  For that reason is a tricky category. This year there’s so much to choose from and let’s face it their lists are long. I like gifts that are lasting and/or allow them to use their creativity and imagination.


Over the summer we tested Fab Lab’s Luxury Tie Dye Kit (RRP £15). While I can’t say why they call it luxury because the components comprised of plastic bottles, rubber bands and the dyes of course BUT we loved it! We almost tie dyed everything in sight. Following the folding guide and selecting some of the brighter shads for summer we dye 6 t-shirts. It was easy for the kids to use with very little mess.

Indoor & Outdoor play

As a family we enjoy games evenings. Monopoly is at the top of ours list. I’m fascinated by the new Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game. Usually the fame can be pricey but this one quite affordable (RRP £29).

Dolls that offer the ‘big reveal’ excitement are still popular.  New on the scene is the Capsule Chix (RRP £15) which comes with 15 surprises inside.

I also quite like Robozuna Voice Changer Mask (RRP £25) by Ban Dai. Learning Resources Artie3000TM (RRP £69) and Engino STEM Heroes Greenhouse (RRP £59.99).

For the little explorers the Woodland Trust wonderful gift such as the Honeycombs Game (RRP £24.99) and the Original Den Kit (RRP34.99).




Stocking Fillers Christmas 2019


Last but not least, let’s look at stocking fillers! They are a mishmash of little pressies that are as individual as the recipient and deliver the fun factor. My selection could be main gifts in their own right for teachers, secret Santa or budget gifts between friends and family.

Lights Camera Action

When Little Bao arrived at The Tiger Tales HQ we all wanted him. He’s so adorable and squishy but he’s a light, an ambient light. The Little Bao Dumpling Ambient Light (RRP £14.99)  doesn’t colour change but delivers a soft warm light. It can be used at the dinner table or any room you fancy. The kids have been using him as a night light. He’s sold on the Firebox website. They cover a wide range of cool gifts from Pixie Tears Gin to Voice Command Forky ( from Toystory 4). They also stock the  Take Better Selfies Lens Kit (RRP £19.99). The kit is a set of hour lenses of different strengths (fish-eye, wide angle, macro, telescopic and CPL lenses) along with a cleaning cloth and a clip to attached the lenses to be clipped onto the mobile. It also be used to normal photos of scenery and objects as well.

Sweet Treats

What’s a Christmas Stocking with out some sweets, eh? Well look no further Jelly Belly. They got you!  Whether you are a Harry Potter fan, or simply after quality jelly sweets with authentic flavours, the have it all. Harry Potter range is wide and include chocolate wands (RRP £9.50) and chocolate frogs RRP £4 ea.) and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. The Chocolate Frogs come with a one of eight 3D Collectible Wizard cards. You can collect them all (Albus Dumbledore, Hengist of Woodcroft, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, Gilderoy Lockhart, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Jocunda Sykes). Alternatively, there’s a Christmas Collections which includes a Trio Gold Ballotin Sparkling Wine (RRP £12) and the American Holiday Favourites (RRP £5 per box).

Amazon Fresh also do tasty delights such as Booths’ Mines Pies, as well as their Belgian Chocolate Brownies and white chocolate Blondies.


Diverse Gifts Christmas 2019

Empowering and cultural diverse tokens never go amiss. At Paperchase there’s the 100 days of Self Discovery journal (RRP £6). Winter is all about the warm brews what better than to have a beautiful mug for your perfect cuppa try Black Belle Prints. TMBoutiqueUK Accessories is the place to go for African and Caribbean inspired accessories. I have a few pieces I bought for myself which I never tire of wearing. They bring colour and personality to my outfits. Clarkes Closet is know for their stunning handmade luxe rag dolls but they also have an adult section. For the jet setter there’s the Floral African Print Travel/Neck Pillow (RRP£15).



I’m really looking forward to Christmas  2019!  It’s more than about the gifts. I simply love having quality time with my family and friends. Did suggestions inspire you? Please comment below if want to make a suggestion.

What have you got planned for the season? Or is it still to early to think about it? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you have planned for Christmas 2019


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