After Angelo was born, I felt as though I lost myself. He was very rarely settled. Even after being fed, he cried a lot due to colic. It wasn’t until he was a toddler that I finally felt as though I was finding my feet. I’d begun attending a postnatal depression support group and it was helpful. I tell you this because having a new born doesn’t always go to ‘plan.’ Baby has not read all the books you have read. It may take time to find your groove and develop a routine. You may even decide not to have a strict routine and simply go with the flow of baby’s needs. Whatever the situation you can’t neglect caring for yourself. If you are not well, then you can’t care for anyone … I know that now. Let me share you how I’ve eked out my me time in recent years, with two young children.

Tea Time

Believe it or not tea does make it better. Once baby is sleeping or calm put the kettle on. The warmth and aroma of from the drink will immediately lift your spirits. I’m quite found of Damask Rose Tea. Feeling decadent? Hot chocolate with cinnamon is just the ticket.


Mani Pedi

Freshly done nails is a quick and easy way inject colour and cheer into your life. There are polishes that dry in 60 seconds. I tend to do mine half an hour before bedtime. In the morning, it’s a thrill to see pretty fingers and toes.

Colour me happy

On the topic of colour therapy, colouring isn’t just for kids. I was amazed at how relaxing colouring in a colouring book was. It also helped to reignite my creative side.


Rubber Dub Dub

A warm bath by candle light is quite soothing. Before you set baby to sleep set the bath to fill with your favourite bath oil, bubble bath or bath soak. Once baby’s down light some candles, submerge into the water. INHALE. RELAX.


Hit the Road Jack

Take a short walk for some fresh air.  Have a friend or family member to look after baby while you take a walk on your own. I was unable to do that, because there was now one to ask, so, I’d pop Angelo into the carrier baby. He was usually asleep by the time I was out the door. It was super cosy like having a life-sized warm teddy companion.

Screen time. Sometime you feel out of the loop with nothing but kids tv on the box. However, Netflix similar sites allow you to have several users at the same time. Toddlers can tune into an age appropriate programme, while you catch up on your favourite show via your laptop or mobile (if like me you only have one tele in house).

As a mother there will always be reasons to feel guilty, looking after your well-being shouldn’t be one of them. How so you take time out? Please share your tips with us.




(Updated 14th June 2020)




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