Bedroom ideas for kids can be pretty challenging, especially when decorating and making room for more space. Every parent wants their kids to have an uncluttered space where they can do their homework and play, but they are sometimes stuck with oddly shaped rooms due to lack of space.

Not to worry, with the inspiration from these creative ideas to make your kid’s bedroom more spacious, you’ll find it easy and inexpensive to turn their rooms into a stylish and fun retreat. Listed below are unique ways to make your kid’s bedroom more spacious.


Beds and Clever Storage


1. Maintain Tiny Furniture As Long As Possible

Don’t try to upgrade your child’s bed until it has been used for a while. Depending on the growth and size of your child, their beds shouldn’t be upgraded to full-size until they are old enough to start primary school. The same applies to chests, drawers, and wardrobes. Their tiny-sized clothes take up little room, so keep the small-sized pieces of furniture to leave more space on the floor.

2. Store Toys Under The Bed

Children’s beds with under-bed storage are a blessing as toys can easily be organised and kept out of sight, yet still, be close enough to be accessible by your little ones. For a more streamlined look, go for a bed that comes with an under-bed trundle or wheels, and if you’re trying to stick to a budget, you can go for a colourful series of bright plastic boxes. You can give your kids the task of making labels for those boxes.

triple bunk bed

3. Buy Bunk Beds

There are several lovely bunk bed ideas that’ll be right for your kid’s bedroom. If your kids share a room, investing in double or triple bunk beds, like these from The Children’s Bed Shop, is a brilliant idea. It will save space instead of using two or three single beds in a room. Bunk beds with storage are also an excellent way to keep their bedroom as spacious as possible and also reduce clutter in their room.

4. Invest In A Room Divider or Bookshelf

When the room is shared, giving them their needed privacy will be much appreciated. Apart from privacy, the room divider can also serve as extra bedroom storage. For example, a bookshelf can be placed at the centre of your kid’s room to create an equal demarcation.

5. Choose A High-Rise Bed To Create More Floor Space

Having enough floor space is very important for every kid. It is the fun zone for trains, Lego, and other exciting games. Even if the room is small, the space under the high-rise bed can be used as a reading den. And as your child grows up, the space can be used to store several items.


6. Use Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are an excellent idea for the lack of space in your kid’s room. With trundle beds, you can roll in the bottom bed during the day and pull it out at night when they need to sleep.

7. Make Use Of Wall Space For Storage

To create more space in your children’s room, you can get a wall storage unit. This features storage cubes, which will be used to raise items from the flood onto the wall. This is a good approach as books, toys, and even the TV can be kept there. Freeing up the room makes it feel bigger and creates enough space for your little kids to play.

8. Buy A Toy Chest

Wooden toy chests have been very much appreciated these past centuries, as they are beneficial. This wooden ottoman can work as a nightstand or a storage unit to store warm blankets, fresh linens, toys, or clothes meant for a particular season.

9. Invest In A Pop-Out Desk

When space is limited, adding a desk to your children’s bedroom can be space-consuming. Instead, choose a mid-sleeper or cabin bed with its pop-out desk that can be used only when needed. The cabin bed often comes with extra side storage too. Also, you can decide to get a pull-down table that is fixed to a wall or a floating shelf placed at waist level, as they are all space-saving options.

10. Place A Peg Rail Above The Bed

Using up the wall space will help keep the floor as free as possible. You can use it as an extra storage space by placing a peg rail over it. Your child will always have their PE bag hung close to them and be able to hang their dressing gown whenever they don’t need it.

NOTE: For safety reasons, it is advisable to not place the rail in a position where items hung can easily fall and harm the child sleeping beneath.


11. Invest In Floating Shelves

If there isn’t enough space to place a proper bookshelf for your child, it is better to install some floating shelves. They are a great way to create a stylish and functional feature wall in your child’s room.


Brighten Your Kid’s Bedroom

12. Utilise The High Ceilings

If your kid’s room has a small floor space and a high ceiling, drawing more attention to the ceiling can make the room feel more spacious than it is. You can choose to place bright coloured lights that’ll shift the attention from the playtime clutter to the high walls. Hanging decorations of butterflies or cute charms with invisible ropes can help with that. However, ensure that the decorations are few, so the room doesn’t feel too cramped.

13. Use The Right Colours To Lift A Small Space

Whichever way you arrange the furniture in the room, you need to make sure the correct colours are used to add interest to a plain wall. You also don’t need to add wallpaper and stickers around the room; be minimalistic about the wall design. Sometimes, less is more.



A child’s bedroom needs to be flexible enough to accommodate their needs as they grow. Kids love to play on the floor and carry out other activities in their bedrooms. Therefore, it is wise that purchasing of furniture should be kept at a minimum, especially if the room is small. You also need to remember that your child can grow out of the designs eventually, so every fixture placed in the room should be done in a way that they can be removed easily.



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