Family Fun at Fantasy Island

My family and I recently spent a long weekend in Lincolnshire. You may remember we spent Christmas there last year. We are fond quite of the area and the added bonus of connecting with family. During our recent visit, we spent one a day at Fantasy Island, Skegness. We...

YourZooki health supplement review

As a lady of a certain age, I’m all about the Omega supplements. As you know I was using a supplement a few months ago and I had good results. However, the thing with fish oil supplements is the taste. It repeats during digestion. Then, last month I had the pleasure...

Dynamite Dare: Diffuse or Lose!

The kids and I love games. We all get so competitive it’s funny. I have no shame. I don’t ease up on them … often. Angelo enjoys a bit of strategy, in fact given the chance he’d sway games for his benefit. I watch him like a hawk. I especially wanted to play Dynamite...


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Smyths Toys Cicciobello Competition

Smyths Toys Cicciobello Competition






Hi! I’m Maria. My family and I live in London but I’m originally from Trinidad, West Indies. My beloved and I got married in 2006. He’s Chinese/Italian. When we decided to increase our family, the first inevitable question was ‘what the child would look like?’... [ + ]


Next Blogger Network Event- London 2017

Next Blogger Network Event- London 2017

It’s been two years since the last NBN event and I was thrilled to receive invitation to attend the 2017 instalment, a few weeks ago. I didn’t even think about it, my response was an instant ‘YES!’ Then the panic about the school run and child care popped...

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On public holidays and social integration

On public holidays and social integration

Diwali was celebrated on Wednesday, in Trinidad and Tobago. On occasions like that I miss being home for the celebrations. Trinis often joke about the number of public holidays the country has. There are about 14 official public holidays per calendar year,...

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