An interview with Debra Evans: Founder of Elysian Charms and Carvings

I love it when friendships and social media create new connections! During a recent...

We are ditching the nasties for a Cleaner Beauty

Cleaner Beauty to me is more than products that are safe for me and my family. It is...

A mantra for life: the watchwords Disciple Production Tolerance

A friend of mine messaged to say her daughter (meh niece) was getting ready for Year 6...

The journey starts here: Coachfinder

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a bus (coach) excursion. Although I’ve been living...

Family Fun with Yellow Zebra Safaris

Yellow Zebra Safaris invited The Tiger Tales to their family fun day last month. I...

SE25 Jewellery Makers Showcase: in aid of the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund

Last weekend I attended the first SE25 Jewellery Makers Showcase at the Elizabeth...
Bioglan’s Active Curcumin Tablets

Bioglan’s Active Curcumin Tablets

In January I began taking a supplement that had turmeric in it. I did so for a month and intermittently made smoothies with fresh turmeric. I’d read good things such as; regulating inflammation, keeps pimples at bay, clear pimples scars, fights sings of...

National Water Saving Week 2018

National Water Saving Week 2018

One of my bug bears is how much water people waste, by letting taps run. Running taps remind me of my childhood days spent scouting for water with other children from my village. The water pressure was too low to make it up to our houses on the hill.  We...

The Oreo Cookie Quest Challenge

The Oreo Cookie Quest Challenge

During the early days of motherhood, I found it difficult going outdoors on my own with the kids. Nonetheless, I devised ways for us to have fun indoors. Perish the thought that the poor kids were always indoors, far from it. Me and my family and have had...

Shnooks Series 2

Shnooks Series 2

Psst! We have new friends staying at The Tiger Tales HQ! The enchanting Shnooks are with us. These delightful creatures were born in the magical place where a rainbow meets a waterfall, popped from bubbles. Season 1 was launched in 2017. In 2018, Series 2...


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