If you follow my on Instagram, you will see photos of the products use and the results I achieve. Some products are the ones I’m trialling others are my staples. If you didn’t already know, Sheabutter Cottage is one of my staple brands. Sheabutter Cottage is my one stop online shop for products that meet my needs from head to toe. Many of the items I purchase are multi-taskers. Two months ago I purchased their limited edition Brown Box. I paid £15 for the box which contained:

  • 1 x 30ml unrefined baobab oil
  • 1 x 65g handmade natural baobab hair balm
  • 1 x 90g handmade natural baobab shampoo bar

I used these products intermittently for two months and I was happy with the results.

Shea Butter Cottage brownbox

I used the products from the brown box over the past two months in various combinations. They have worked well together and alongside other organic and good quality high street manufactured brands.

  • Baobab oil- I used this products most frequently than the others. I try to oil my scalp at least twice per week to manage the dry itchy scalp I developed since I’ve resumed go to the gym. It has worked well in helping me to improve the condition of my scalp over time. Its a rich oil and has a sort of nutty smell. It absorbed well and gave my hair a glorious shine.
  • Baobab Hair Balm- at first I thought this product would be too heavy for my fine hair. I found it worked best on my damp freshly washed hair. The balm is so rich that I didn’t need to add an oil to lock in the moisture at the stage of styling. I usually diffused my hair to dry and set my curls. I experienced no frizziness, after my hair was styled even it was in a twist out. To dry hair I used the balm to re-twist my hair or to neaten my edges. It contains cocoa butter which gives  the product its gorgeous natural fragrance.
  • Shampoo Bar- although it’s a great product it’s my least favourite and that’s due to personal preference. I like my creams and gels for ease. I used the shampoo bar mid-week after a gym session. It didn’t strip my hair and worked even better after a pre-poo with Sheabutter Cottages pure organic coconut oil.

A little goes a long way with these products, if you don’t have any major hair concerns. I was very with the quality of the products and the packaging of the brown box. I’d certainly all of the products. They can rival the high street for cost effectiveness and results. Best of all Sheabutter Cottage products are organic and used from sustainable sources that put money back into the community it which it was taken. In my experience I’ve found their customer care to be exemplary. Whether you like mixing your own hair and body concoctions or prefer pre-made reliable organic products you will find what you need at Sheabutter Cottage. Visit the Sheabutter Cottage website to find out more about their products, their uses and their community work. You can also follow them on Twitter  and Instagram.