Half Term dayout to the Ragged School Museum

Nahdia  from Nahdz Adventures posted a meet up at the Ragged School Museum, over the...

Melanin Queen by Tsaka

Melanin is the pigment that determines brown beauties’ skin, hair and eye colour. It...

Post 40 healthy living for women

I recently completed health survey on NHS' One You page. What a shock when the results...

Culture Clash

February is a tricky month for our family, that's when our cultures clash. It’s the...

An interview with Jeunanne Alkins: Creative Director at Island Babies

I first stumbled upon Eprjr Island around 2014, on Instagram. Their branding for the...

Disney Junior’s Vampirina

I was a sensitive child but for some reason, vampire flicks never scared me. Perhaps...
Disney Junior’s Vampirina

Disney Junior’s Vampirina

I was a sensitive child but for some reason, vampire flicks never scared me. Perhaps it’s the Gothic romance. The idea of an unattainable love. Over the years tales of vampires have been told in many ways. New amongst them is Disney Junior's Vampirina. ...

Therme Erding: the world’s largest spa

Therme Erding: the world’s largest spa

Flashback Friday always makes me nostalgic about my past achievements and travels. Since having children, I’ve not left the UK. One place that left a mark on me was Munich, Germany. Back in Spring 2009, I visited my ole flat-share pal who lives there....

Better Bookkeeping for Home Workers

Better Bookkeeping for Home Workers

Anyone who’s tried home working knows about the dual pleasure and pain aspects. Yes, you get more freedom to do things your own way, but there’s the downside of more responsibility and not necessarily anyone to share it with. For some, bookkeeping is one...


Hi, I am Maria, a Trinidad-born Surrey based SAHM, blogger and aspiring published children’s book writer. I moved to England in 2001. My career history has spanned from the Library Service to Further Education. I write about expat parenting, mixed heritage family life, food, beauty and more. The way to my heart is a Trini Dalpuri Chicken Roti.



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Hi! I’m Maria. My family and I live in London but I’m originally from Trinidad, West Indies. My beloved and I got married in 2006. He’s Chinese/Italian. When we decided to increase our family, the first inevitable question was ‘what the child would look like?’... [ + ]


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