Better Bookkeeping for Home Workers

Anyone who’s tried home working knows about the dual pleasure and pain aspects. Yes,...

… oh but what if you fly?

As a parent you may worry about whether or not you’re doing a good job raising your...

‘Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection’: a review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day

After I signed up to be a part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I was paired with...

An interview with Warren Le Platte: creator of the board game Santimanitay

One of the frustrating things about expat life is; when something exciting happens...

2018 Relationship Goals: finding the joy you deserve

At the risks of sounding corny, over the Christmas holidays I got teary-eyed because I...

Hair Goals 2018: growth and health

I’ve worn my hair short for two years but I don’t think Valentina can remember. Last...
Better Bookkeeping for Home Workers

Better Bookkeeping for Home Workers

Anyone who’s tried home working knows about the dual pleasure and pain aspects. Yes, you get more freedom to do things your own way, but there’s the downside of more responsibility and not necessarily anyone to share it with. For some, bookkeeping is one...

Surviving Christmas as an Expat

Surviving Christmas as an Expat

My first Christmas in England was amazing! I was still living in Cambridge with a mate’s family. I had the ultimate English Christmas. At the time I was also working at the Classical Faculty Library, Cambridge University, so it was an occasion of champagne...

The Change- part 2

The Change- part 2

‘The Change’ sounds a bit like a sci-fi novel doesn’t it? Well, there is a bit of science in it actually, biology. In my previous post, I talked about my visit to the GP because I was experience menopausal symptoms. We agreed to me taking a blood test to...

Sk:n Clinic featuring the HydraFacial

Sk:n Clinic featuring the HydraFacial

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit the new Sk:n Clinic on Lavender Hill, Clapham, London. I can’t tell you how excited I was to visit. I was curious to know what’s new in the industry.  I was not disappointed. Sk:n Clinic is on the money with...

GeorgeSS18 press day

GeorgeSS18 press day

Currently Latin much is all the rage on the airwaves and its influence has made its way into fashion. I’m very excited by all the vibrant colours, patterns and shapes that will be gracing the shop floors. for 2018. Best of all finally the high street is...


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Hi! I’m Maria. My family and I live in London but I’m originally from Trinidad, West Indies. My beloved and I got married in 2006. He’s Chinese/Italian. When we decided to increase our family, the first inevitable question was ‘what the child would look like?’... [ + ]


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